In times of crisis, grief and chaos people band together. 

Families & friends reach out, hold one another, stroke each other’s arms, hair, faces. 

Wipe away each other’s tears. 

We gather around one another. 

Share food, a glass of wine, old stories that give solace. 

Now, in this time of global pandemic, we are to self-isolate.

Against our nature, our very being, we are to be alone.


Primal fear of abandonment raises its head from deep within. 

How do we survive without our tribal connection?

How do we face our solitude?

How do we face ourselves?

Our mortality?


Perhaps with an embrace. 

An embrace we would give our loved ones 

we give to ourselves by

embracing the fear of the unknown.

Let it well up from its depths.

Dive in to face it. 

Swim in its dark mystery.

For in the darkness we stir our souls.

Souls that long to be stirred.


Pulling out pen & paper, brush & paints, music for solo dances, whatever may inspire, to provide pathways through the fear.

Pathways to face and transform our pain into creative acts.

Acts that enrich, revitalize, add depth, luster and acceptance to our being.

Turning the upwelling of dark toward our inner light.

A gift to ourselves, our souls, our planet & each other.

2 thoughts on “STIRRINGS

  1. Hi Jocelyn,

    I was thinking about you this week. I wasn’t sure where you were, but I was hoping you were in good health. And your daughters? Are you with them?

    We are all fine. We have Judy here with us. Everyone is mostly healthy, except Judy with a few cold symptoms…but she’s on the mend. We are home schooling now, yikes, with no end in the foreseeable future…double 😳 yikes. But at least we are lucky enough to have space and fresh air.

    Hoping all is well with you all.

    Much Love, Robin and Niko

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