Fly By


The web is large.

It spans across two coconut trees.

Beautiful in it’s intricacy.

Concentric circles formed with a master’s touch.


Late afternoon light dancing on woven threads

Catching the movements of the creature within.

Golden yellow & black, 

Her (why are spiders always female?) legs are long,

Body big and strong.

She is working hard for her dinner.

An elegant leg or two stretching toward

A black bodied creature caught within.


A precarious wrestle for survival ensues.

She who must eat & he who does not want to be consumed.

If she is to dine, 

She must tangle this delectable morsel 

Further within her sticky lace.


I turn my head away. 

Certain that she has gained control.

When from the corner of my eye

I see her fly by.

Her dinner of black caviar

Is taking HER for a ride.

Together they ascend with lightening speed

Up into the coconut trees.


The dance of predator & prey has flipped

Around today.

Pressed for Words

I struggle to learn new platforms.

I resist. I wail. I clammer against the time it takes.

I can feel the tightness build in my belly as the minutes become hours and my understanding is still infantile. I tell myself, in the end it must be worth it. Still, I am not entirely convinced.

Yet I find myself here on WordPress to try out the world of blog. Letting go of the hours I could be happily spending writing with paper and pencil. Initial results not so good ~ 1st post made was WordPress’ words & image. As though the writer can not come up with their own initial thoughts. It leaves me feeling like they have filled my vapid mind.

A little progress has been made as I have now located how to post. I’m holding out hope while keeping my notebook and pencil close at hand.